Reflecting on 1000 Friends

I recently hit a social media milestone – 1000 facebook friends (I think my current count is up to 1002). Once when someone asked me where I got my Facebook t-shirt, I told them that Zuck sends it to you when hit 1000. But now that I’m there, it seems much less rewarding.

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Why You Shouldn’t “Friend” Your Patients.

I recently received two LinkedIn requests. From my dentists. These came right on the heels of a notification that the dental practice was following me on Twitter.

I’ve left these LinkedIn requests in “limbo” while I try to figure out whether or not to accept them. While they are people I have a relationship with, why would they want to connect with me on LinkedIn? Or maybe the better question is, why would I want to be connected with THEM?

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Hot Tub Crime Machine Wordle.

Hot Tub Crime Machine Wordle

This is what I write about.

Marc Jacobs Proves My Point.

Well, not Marc himself. But the company provides another instance of a brand’s social media presence being misused by an employee. As I wrote yesterday, you need to be really careful who you let manage your brand’s voice. This is not a job for the intern. This is not the job for the admin. Managing social media requires a full-time employee who you can trust. Someone who is invested in the company and the brand. Someone who is skilled at marketing, communications, brand management and strategy.

They are your voice. Would you let your intern represent the brand on Good Morning America? Would you let the intern host a press conference? Then why do you let them manage your Twitter account?

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Who Is Speaking For Your Brand?

You can’t scroll through your Google Reader these days without seeing a story of someone getting fired for something they tweeted or wrote on a blog. One of the most high profile cases out there involves Chrysler firing their social media agency after a staffer tweeted “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive.” from the Chrysler account.

And then of course there is the Gilbert Gottfried incident.

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The Title of This Article Explains Why You Will Fail.

I hate seeing things like this “Krispy Kreme’s New CMO to Spend Less, Lean on Social Media.

If your plan is replace paid media with social media and put the savings in the bank, you are destined to fail. In my earlier post, “Social Media Isn’t Free,” I expressed my belief that any social media campaigns need to be supported with real dollars. To quote every economics professor ever, “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

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Social Media Isn’t Free.

Okay, it’s free sometimes. It’s free for me to go onto Facebook, make a profile, find my friends, etc. It’s free for you to read this blog, post a link to it on Twitter and share it on your Facebook page (and I’d be grateful if you did).

But when it comes to your brand, social media is not free.

You may not pay for it every time you use it, but with every campaign, initiative or program there are costs. Even in social media.

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