This is where I write about all the random stuff that I encounter on a daily basis. I’ve been described as “the guy who knows everything you didn’t know you wanted to know,” and baffled friends and co-workers alike with the sheer volume of media I consume in a typical day.

My favorite topics are (in no particular order): technology, movies, books, memes, social media, Twitter, The Simpsons, Facebook, cycling, mountain biking, traveling, nerdiness, advertising, design, politics and probably a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

If you want/need/crave more Ezra you can follow me at twitter.com/ezra802.  And if you want to hire me, you can look me up on LinkedIn

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  2. Eric Roberts says:

    Ez – I was just thinking about next Saturday and what lies ahead in the short term. Considering that, I decided to perform some “due diligence” on my son in law to be. After all, I am expected to give a toast to Wendy and you next Saturday, and I also owe “Doug the Officiant” some words of wisdom that he can hopefully use during the ceremony.

    So what better way to get to know you than to research “Ezra Englebardt” on the internet. I have to admit that in a way, it’s a little bit creepy to type your name in a search bar and to see what might pop up. While I don’t know you all that well, I do know that you’re a good person who loves my daughter and also, that you make Wendy very happy. The two of you share a great deal in common, but also allow each other the freedom to express your own individual personalities. It’s a recipe in part for a successful relationship for sure!

    I more or less stumbled upon your “Hottubcrimemachine” blog on WordPress this morning and have spent the last 30-45 minutes reading some of the content. I have to say that I am very impressed with your insight and commentary … especially with just how clearly your express yourself in words. I know that none of this really changes anything, but it is nice and comforting in a way to simply know even a little bit more about you than I knew when I went to bed last night. After all, who is this man who is about to be an integral part of our family and maybe the father of even more grandchildren? Who is this man who has a blog with a particularly strange name, and exactly what does its title refer to?

    In the end, I can see why Wendy might want to “crave more Ezra” and is ready to share the rest of her life with you. I could not be any happier for the two of you and know that you are completely right for each other. I wish you a long and joyous life together … one that brings the two of you closer together every day and wanting to celebrate life to its fullest.

    Debi and I are always here for you, just like we are for Wendy. Thanks for becoming part of our lives. Good luck and the best wishes for a long time to come!

    All our love,

    Eric and Debi

    P. S. Maybe some day soon, you will explain what it’s like “Solving mysteries at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).” lol

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