Marc Jacobs Proves My Point.

Well, not Marc himself. But the company provides another instance of a brand’s social media presence being misused by an employee. As I wrote yesterday, you need to be really careful who you let manage your brand’s voice. This is not a job for the intern. This is not the job for the admin. Managing social media requires a full-time employee who you can trust. Someone who is invested in the company and the brand. Someone who is skilled at marketing, communications, brand management and strategy.

They are your voice. Would you let your intern represent the brand on Good Morning America? Would you let the intern host a press conference? Then why do you let them manage your Twitter account?

Marc Jacobs intern decided to vent his frustration. And where did he do it? Not at home with his roommate/spouse/significant other, not at the local bar, not on the subway. ON TWITTER. on YOUR Twitter account.

marc jacobs twitter

Marc Jacobs Twitter

Wake up and realize that managing brands in social media is still managing brands. Don’t assume it’s different, easier, or less serious just because it uses all those new-fangled things like “the Twitter.”

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