Avoiding dangerous neighborhoods

Switching agencies has forced me to change my business travel habits a little bit. Instead of frequent trips to NYC where I am chauffeured around in the finest taxis the city has to offer, I’ve been driving to more “local” clients. Local being Hartford, CT or Framingham, MA. And because these are not bustling metropolises (metropoli?) I’ve found myself spending a lot of time in Zipcars.

And because I have a terrible sense of direction, especially in places I have never been before, I have been relying on my GPS app on my phone. A Lot.

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Is Facebook Places Game-Changing?

Last night Facebook launched Places, their location-based service that let’s you check-in to real life locations and tell all your friends. It also lets you tag your friends in the check-in just as you can tag them in a photo or in a status update.

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Facebook isn’t as creepy as People magazine.

We all know at least one person who isn’t on Facebook because they think it is creepy. They think it is “stalker-ish” to know everything your friends do or say online.

But I think that it’s much creepier to read People magazine or US Weekly, or to watch Entertainment Tonight.

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Foursquare is history – it’s all about entertainment check-ins

I’ve been using Foursquare for quite a while now. I’ve converted other people to the service and espoused it’s value to clients and co-workers. I’ve come up with laundry lists of ways my clients could activate campaigns using the service (in the spirit of honesty, none of them have ever actually done it, although one client may have stolen my idea and given it to another agency to activate on their behalf).

I’ve also played with Loopt, MyTown, Gowalla, Google Latitude, BrightKite and a few others. And I think that regardless of what the media is saying, they’re probably all a waste of time.

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