This is why everyone hates us

There exists a niche market of wealthy split-up couples with joint custody of a pet who fly their pets back and forth on private jets, alone.


Peanuts are like crack to them.

This company does not understand how memes work

I’ve seen this “Suggested post” in my newsfeed for weeks. It’s like they started with a good idea “people love memes!” and then completely failed at life.

So here, in the spirit of Reddit, memes, and all things internet, I made them something:


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We’re all storytellers

Based on Andrew Stanton‘s TED talk “The Clues to a Great Story

Lünchausen Syndrome

Lünchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder wherein those affected know they are hungry, and that they must eat, but are paralyzed by the weight of deciding what or where to eat.

First coined by Wendy Englebardt in February 2014.

The only known treatment is finding a friend to choose for you. Skipping meals only makes the symptoms worse.

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Why not just ask your customers what they want?


Lay’s Do Us A Flavor

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