About Ezra Englebardt
Account planner, digital nerd, marketing guru, tweeter, occasional blogger, cyclist, snowboarder, mountain biker, social media junkie and avid reader. CU-Boulder and Boston College alum. Frequent guest speaker in Boston-area universities.

9 Responses to How to become a Planner – Part III

  1. mpolatin says:

    Well, Mark Twain did describe Huck as: ” unwashed, insufficiently fed; but he had as good a heart as ever any boy had. His liberties were totally unrestricted. He was the only really independent person–boy or man–in the community, and by consequence he was tranquilly and continuously happy and envied by the rest of us.” — so some similarities there, other than I think you are quite well nourished — and washed?

    • Hmmm I like the description but apparently my analogy was incorrect. You were Tom Sawyer tricking me into doing the work (whitewashing a fence). Aside from some similar character traits I don’t think I have much to do with Huck.

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