Using your out of office message as a means of communication.

A friend of mine was recently emailing with a very high profile tech pundit and received his “out of office” message. It’s pretty ridiculous. Take a read (I had to redact some portions, sorry):

I’m now getting emails at a level that I can’t respond to everyone. This is an automatic response to an email you sent to [REDACTED]. I will make a best attempt to get back to you, especially if you are sharing world-changing technology with me.
I do read every email, butI only can reply to about 10%, sorry. If you are desperate please call me on my cell phone at [REDACTED] (if I’m available I will pick up, if not, keep calling back until you get me). Best to call me in mornings at 9 a.m. to 10a.m. since that’s when I’m most likely to be in front of my computer with my calendar available (the rest of the day I’m usually meeting with entrepreneurs).
To PR people, if you want me to cover your product you’ve got to give me more than one day warning. I do videos and I’m already scheduling out February of 2012 (yikes!). I don’t do press-release rewrites like other tech bloggers. It’s best to get in touch with me at LEAST A MONTH before you launch (right now my calendar is totally booked until mid-February). To see a successful pitch, see how Flipboard pitched me (it is my favorite startup of2010):[REDACTED] (Flipboard showed me what they were doing THREE MONTHS before they shipped!)
I specifically am looking for world-changing technology and startups looking to build world brands, if you have one, please be persistent. I am often out shooting and miss cool stuff once in a while. If you are looking for more about where I’m publishing, visit [REDACTED]which has links to all of myblogs, and social media accounts.My calendar is here so you can see what spots I have open: [REDACTED] Another way to get through to me is to talk with my producer, [REDACTED]. You can reach him at [REDACTED].
Thanks and sorry if I don’t get back to you.
WOW. That’s pretty much all I can say. Granted, this is probably one of the most powerful men in the tech world, but still, sending out detailed instructions on how to email him as an auto-reply is a little much.

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