Here’s what’s wrong with America.

Eva Green, Sin City 2 Poster   No, this isn’t a rant about sequels, the death of Hollywood, the rash of comic book adaptations, or any of that. It’s not even about the fact that the poster above has been banned by the MPAA (Movie Puritan Association of America).

It’s WHY.

Apparently, the fact that you can see the outline of her nipple makes it dangerously risque for American audiences. No concern over the deadly weapon in her hand. Nope you could show a “robot with guns for arms shooting a plane made of guns that fires guns” if you wanted and no one would care. But a nipple? Are you our of your fucking mind? do you know what would happen to people if they knew women had nipples? There would be  mass hysteria in the streets! and won’t someone think of the children??? Kids need to grow up thinking that sex, and the nipples that go with it, are dirty and wrong. It’s the only way to keep them from becoming serial killers. I’m not suggesting that seeing violent images makes people violent. I grew up on a solid 80’s diet of Robocop, Schwarzanegger movies, and Die Hard. And I’ve never so much as been in a fist fight. I think censorship in general is ridiculous. But to take issue with a nipple, while ignoring a weapon, is insane. FUCK THE MPAA. They should all be fired and replaced with people born after 1900. And if anyone who reads this works there, you should be ashamed. Go get a real job.

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