“Choose Your Own Adventure” Meets “Subservient Chicken.”

While not a completely new idea, this new ad from Tipp-Ex is a great example of how to draw consumers in to engage with your brand.  I haven’t seen an ad for white out or other copy correction products in a long time (if ever), but I must have spent 5+ minutes playing with this one.

Some of my favorite directions are:

  • fucks (strange how this was the first one I went to…)
  • kills
  • eats
  • does nothing with
  • washes
  • is eaten by
  • watches TV with
  • paints
  • rides
  • photographs

Have you found any other great ones?

About Ezra Englebardt
Account planner, digital nerd, marketing guru, tweeter, occasional blogger, cyclist, snowboarder, mountain biker, social media junkie and avid reader. CU-Boulder and Boston College alum. Frequent guest speaker in Boston-area universities.

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