Cronuts are still a thing.

A very popular thing at that. Almost one year, and one James Beard Award (congrats Dominic Ansel!), later people are still lining up for hours to get these things. And the secondary market for them, while cooled, is still fairly active. The going price seems to be $25-$30 per donut.


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If they could transform

Awesome illustrations of what our favorite cars and trucks from fiction would look like as Transformers by Darren Rawlings (hopefully he doesn’t mind me posting these here).







General Lee







Gran Torino

Lünchausen Syndrome

Lünchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder wherein those affected know they are hungry, and that they must eat, but are paralyzed by the weight of deciding what or where to eat.

First coined by Wendy Englebardt in February 2014.

The only known treatment is finding a friend to choose for you. Skipping meals only makes the symptoms worse.

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What motivates you?

Thanks to Andrew Teman for passing this my way.

My favorite quote from the piece is this:

“It is better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.”

It is narrated by Alan Watts.


More Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery

Discovering Robert Montgomery

A friend’s Facebook cover photo turned me on to an artist/poet/whatever named Robert Montgomery. This is some of his work. Thanks Aleks.

Robert Montgomery

Lessons on Advertising Culture from Stan Richards

I recently had the opportunity to take a tour of the offices of The Richards Group, led by the legendary Stan Richards.

Stan Richards the richards group

Stan Richards, founder of the The Richards Group

And I have to say, it was pretty cool. I’ve been to many other agencies – Arnold, Digitas, Saatchi & Saatchi, StarCom/MediaVest, Weber Shandwick, Publicis, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Sterling Rice, TDA, Hill Holiday, DeVries, MS&L, and countless others. But never has a founder of the agency taken the time to visit with me, to give me a tour, or tell me about the culture of the company he or she founded. Granted, most of them have long since passed away, moved on to other agencies, or retired, but still, this was cool.  Read more of this post

It’s business school, not a waiting room

Gawker is eagerly reporting that admissions to two-year, US, business school programs has dropped. With a healthy dose of schadenfreude, they gleefully report that all those people who went to business school hoping to help themselves during the recession wasted their money.

While their attitude and sense of self-righteousness is misplaced, the core of their argument is not.  Read more of this post

Call me a hypocrite but…

I guess it’s hypocritical to like things like this AND work in advertising,  but I can’t help it. I was raised with my father frequently lamenting about the “nightmare of capitalism” and while I may not have fully embraced it, I still get fired up by this sort of thing.


Click on the image to see others from this project from Brandalism (which by the way, is an AWESOME name for what they do).

And a shout-out to the blog ObsessiveCompulsive for finding this and sharing it with me.

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