CES: Day 2

Another amazing day at CES. Although I have to say, the exhibits we saw yesterday weren’t quite as new/exciting/interesting as the first day, but still some great new tech.

The big hit of the day for me was LG. Having recently bought an LG LED TV I am a little biased. But they have so many great products coming out. From the world’s largest OLED TV, to amazing Cinema 3D displays, to innovative home appliances, like these vacuums and a cool fridge.

LG Vacuum

Similar to a Roomba, this robot vacuum keeps your house cleaning and doubles as a surveillance system you can monitor on the web or on your mobile device.

LG Canister Vacuum

This LG canister vacuum has "follow along" technology that self-propels the base to keep up with you as you clean. No pulling the base with you, it drives itself!

LG Refrigerator blast chiller

The blast chiller cabinet in this LG fridge sucks cold area from the freezer into a small box to rapidly chill a bottle of beer to 41 degrees (f) in just 4 minutes.


The Emperor 200 chair/workstation has three screens that can raise and lower, creating a "cocoon" of productivity


Victorinox just released this thumb sized one terabyte solid-state drive today at CES. It has an e-ink display and biometric security. I have to disclose that they are a SapinetNitro client, but this is still awesome.

Electric Delorean

The all new electric DeLorean. So cool. Not loving the decals they stuck all over it, but it's still awesome.

Riding on a double decker bus

Matt and I riding the double-decker bus home from the convention center

Pedometer Day Two

8876 steps today, not bad. But not as good as yesterday.

That’s it for day two (actually there is a lot more, but you’ll have to wait for the video and/or accompanying presentation).

Also, I have to give a huge shoutout to the WordPress.com team for featuring Hot Tub Crime Machine on their “Freshly Pressed” section. I received almost 1000 visits to yesterday’s review of CES, setting a new record for the site. If you want to see that post, it’s here.

Update: Here are my highlights from CES Day 3 (and if you prefer video format, click here)

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11 Responses to CES: Day 2

  1. wendyroberts617 says:

    I wish we had that robot vacuum!

  2. molls225 says:

    That work station looks like a nightmare. I can see my husband using it for work and thinking that he is piloting the ship from Star Trek

  3. Amit says:

    I was going through other website, the Ford Evos Concept car is awesome. I guess ultrabooks are making their presence felt in a big way.

  4. I have to ask.. Your caption on the thumb-drive says it’s 1TB, yet the picture shows the drive itself displaying 128GB. Which is it? 1TB would be huge news, worthy of a lot of press.

    • Alex says:

      If its genuinely 1TB then that little flash drive takes the prize for highest Impact/Size ratio 🙂
      The e-ink technology looks pretty cool to, how frustrating is it to whip out a USB stick only to realise you dont have enough space? Perhaps telling you in advance would be far more practical! I like it.

  5. I believe the 128GB is showing how much is full or left. An e-ink display that only showed the total capacity wouldn’t add a lot of value 🙂

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