The day has finally come!


I can’t believe that after 5 long years (I started watching while the 2nd season was on the air) my biggest TV obsession since The Simpsons is coming to an end. While I am sure to get months of nerdy enjoyment out of analyzing the end of the series and thinking about all the questions still left unanswered, eventually it will fade out into a memory as fuzzy as the ones below.

Based on what I remember, this is what my life was like when I started watching Lost:

  1. First off – I was really skeptical. I remember hearing people talk about it and thinking “a magical island? with a monster? what is this, Harry Potter meets Lord of the Flies? No thanks” – luckily my brother convinced me to get season 1, disc 1 from Netflix and made me promise I would watch the entire disc before passing judgement. I think it took two episodes and I was hooked
  2. I was a 1st year MBA at BC, slammed with work pretty much around the clock and wondering, almost daily, if I had gotten myself in WAY over my head
  3. I lived in Brighton, in a nice little 1 bedroom apartment almost at the end of the B line. Anywhere else in the city the apartment would have been awesome, but as anyone who rides the B line can tell you, Brighton is a long (but not far) way from the city of Boston
  4. I had never heard of Digitas (where I currently work), account planning (what I do there) and had pretty much given up the idea of ever working in an ad agency – one of my advertising professor’s in Boulder told me that agencies never hire MBAs
  5. I was convinced that I would move to LA or NYC after graduation (but more on that for another post)
  6. I had only recently joined a little site called Facebook (it was for holders of .edu email addresses at that point) and was learning first hand about the “Network Effect” as most of my friends were too removed from our college days to have kept their .edu email
  7. I was writing my first blog, Digital Me, with a declining regularity (which is why it’s now long gone, which is shame because I should have kept the URL)
  8. I was helping my amazingly talented sister Terra Naomi connect with her fans on Myspace and leverage new tools like YouTube and Craigslist to market herself, which in hindsight was pretty telling of where my future was headed

I’m sure there are many other differences between 25 year old Ezra and almost 30 year old Ezra, but that’s all I can think of for now.

To wrap up, I’ll share with you my plans for celebrating this momentous occasion.

Kavita, my long-time Lost watching buddy and former upstairs neighbor will come over where will watch, in the following order (you can tell I like lists, huh?):

Kicking off this evening around 5pm or so:

  1. Season 1, episode 1 – “Pilot – part 1” with enhanced pop-up video content (which I am not really a fan of but what can you do)
  2. Season 1, episode 2 – “Pilot – part 2
  3. the two hour recap of the entire series
  4. the 2.5 hour series finale – “The End
  5. Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring Jack, Locke, Ben, Sayid, Claire, Jin, Hurley, Sawyer, Kate and more, plus alternate endings!

About Ezra Englebardt
Account planner, digital nerd, marketing guru, tweeter, occasional blogger, cyclist, snowboarder, mountain biker, social media junkie and avid reader. CU-Boulder and Boston College alum. Frequent guest speaker in Boston-area universities.

One Response to The day has finally come!

  1. Kavita says:

    I sadly do not read hot tub crime machine as often as I would like…but after spending a few minutes reflecting upon how my Tuesdays will suck for the rest of my life, I remembered that you had written about this on your blog. Anyway, that Jimmy Kimmel Live SUCKED.

    And, I think I’m going to ask for 6 seasons of LOST for Christmas. Does Santa bring presents to kids (yes, I’m a kid) who don’t celebrate Christmas?

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